Saturday, July 03, 2004


A link to spoons at Boynton revived a childhood memory of the eerie sound of the saw

Other unusual, ethnic or experimental musical instruments can be found at
Listen to the Tsabouna a traditional greek bagpipe that has an ancient history, or the Hang which reminds me of a musical wok.
Benjamin Franklin invented the Glass Armonica in 1761 and Mozart composed two works for it.

Oddmusic also hosts the Chrysalis Foundation that;
encourages the creation of new acoustic musical instruments, and supports compositions and performances for these instruments. through the work of instrument maker Cris Forster. An example of Forsters work is the Chrysalis with it evocative sound.

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Anthony said...

I believe the saw makes an appearance in the Caro & Jeunet film Delicatessen . I'll do myself a favour and go and check.