Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Dublin Dictionary: A dictionary of Dublin words and terms. Since a lot of these terms are sent in by readers, don't be surprised if some of these terms are just as likely to be in use other english speaking countries.
The Irish Travellers get a mention in this dictionary with entries such as Knackers, Jolliers and Nacaragua all terms which show their marginalisation in Irish society.

Another despised subculture is the Scanger an individual of either innercity or Dublin Corporation estate origin, with a liking for acrylic track suits. also see anto or silkey.

Butt-stroke: When a skanger gives u a mixture of a butt and stroke with his head. also known as a tooth-chipper

Another Dictionary of everyday english and slang in Ireland

Life in a Travellers' camp, those concrete eating rats are a bit of a worry.

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