Sunday, February 19, 2006

Back from my mid plane crisis

Tripe Soup has been out of action for a while as my imac g5 has been repaired. The whole midplane of the computer had to be replaced as it was suffering from bulging capacitors.
According to this Wikpedia article Capacitor Plague

The primary cause of these problems is industrial espionage gone wrong, with some Taiwanese electrolyte manufacturers using a stolen formula that was incomplete, and lacked ingredients needed to produce a stable capacitor.

It appears that the early Imac g5's are prone to overheating, so I will have to be cautious using this computer during heatwaves. Another amusing problem for imacs turned up in this Apple Discussion Board thread, ant lodged in screen.

While I was gone it seems Barista has moved to a new sight.

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zivvoug said...

reading you from France ...thank you !