Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Davos Doodles

The British media was having a great time analysing some doodles on a scrap of paper supposedly produced by Tony Blair at the International Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The Mirror called forth a psychologist who after studying the doodles
says the loopy letters and boxed-up issues are the tell-tale signs that our leader is a bit of daydreamer hoping for the best.

The Times not only came up with a great Murdoch headline in Davos doodles seem to show writing's on the wall for Tony but produced a graphologist, Emma Bache who found that Tony was unstable, aggressive, obsessive-compulsive, out of control and stressed.

Mrs Bache, who regularly carries out employee assessments for firms such as Barings, said: “I analysed his writing 18 months ago and there are marked differences.

This was not surprising as it turned out that the doodle was produced by Bill Gates.

In retrospect there were plenty of clues that this doodle was produced by the Microsoft founder

Ms Bache concludes: “There is more than a hint of megalomania about him which I haven’t seen before.”

And anyone who has used a map of the world produced by Microsoft would recognise this problem

Blair even mis-spells the name of Porto Alegre, Brazil, which he calls Allegro, where he is to attend a crucial summit with leaders of the developing world, union chiefs and campaign groups.


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