Friday, January 21, 2005

La Dolce Vita

While searching for something unrelated found this photo album of Italian troops occupying Albania during the period 1939-1940.
The soldiers portrayed in these images almost look as if they are on holidays, with no sense of the disaster that the Balkans was to become for the Italian Army.
Since I can't speak Italian I used google to translate this page which resulted in a rather poetic description.

On Albanian earth, an attended year in of the war.
Until the late spring of the 1940 an extended climate was breathed.
60,000 present men on the Albanian territory for the defensive on the frontier jugoslava and simple measures of vigilance towards Greece.

The following is a more contemporary image, taken in the Town of Berat (known as the the town of a thousand windows), and which portrays a different kind of invasion.

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