Sunday, July 11, 2004

Some Gaffes are more costly than others

The recent gaffe by the Murdoch owned New York Post when it broke the story that Dick Gephardt would be John Kerry's running mate, only to find the following day that it was to be Edwards. May have only been an embarrassment for this Murdoch rag well known for its comic book style.
However another Murdoch rag the Sun (UK) has recently reinforced a gaffe from 15 years ago which has cost a lot of money in lost subscriptions.
In 1989 after the Hillsborough Soccer tragedy the Sun falsley reported that
..that Liverpool fans urinated on the rescuers and then stole from the bodies of the victims. This caused local sales of the Sun to collapse. And fifteen years later, the paper's circulation on Merseyside still hasn't recovered.
via Radio National
The anger that Liverpudlians hold over this incident has resurfaced when Wayne Rooney, a young star who plays for the Liverpool club Everton, sold his life story to the Sun which is engaged in a circulation war with its rival the Mirror.
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