Saturday, June 19, 2004


Wordcraft a community of linguaphiles has started this epic project, to produce a version of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) in limerick form (OEDILF).
The OEDILF project has only started words beginning with a at the moment, below are three limericks in the words beginning with ad contributed by Bob Hale

With tap dancing a problem is posed
Ditto with picking his nose
He cannot wear rings
Do tip-toes or hand springs
He's adactylous :- no fingers or toes.

It's wise when telling a fib
To be sure, to be clear, to be glib
Things only get worse
If you fail to rehearse
And are forced to rely on ad-lib

When you move on from just adolescent
And advance to the stage of pubescent
Don't find it surprising
If matters arising
Have results that are largely tumescent.

via languagehat through metafilter


Chris J. Strolin said...

Greetings! I'm visiting your site today because it was one of 89 which came up when I googled "OEDILF" and I wanted to pass along three bits of news:

1. We have long since left the Wordcraft site and will be completely up and running this week on

2. The global press release is going out shortly and there is also news from our nation's capitol which involves us that will be announced this Saturday. Many new voices are expected.

3. Due to a legal wrangle from the Oxford University Press legal department, "OEDILF" now stands for "Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form." Our goal is now to create a limerick for each and every word in the English language and not just those covered by the OED.

Details are on our BB.

Any and all lovers of the English language are welcomed to check out our new site particularly if your name is choatime, Clankus Maximus, Don Levey, Elizabeth, evinrude, fiercecupcake, Giles, Hazelsinger, Hilary Ann, indigofaerie, JB Segal, Karner Blue, LadyBeth, LizH, markmywords48, mechaieh, murlach, musik, Peter Sheil, q, Robot Johnny, slabgorb, or Valrus. All these individuals either posted limericks or otherwise expressed interest in our project while we were on the Wordcraft site and we've since lost contact with them. Wordcraft PMs went out with no luck. Posting limericks over there, technically, gave us the OK to use them on but I'd really like to do this up right and get them register.

Chris J. Strolin
Editor-in-Chief, OEDILF

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