Friday, June 11, 2004

Free diving

The ABC science show Catalyst aired a story about Sébastien Murat training to break the free diving record.
While I usually find Extreme sports boring and rather silly, there is something about what Sébastien Murat does that transcendes all that.
Sébastien Murat known as “The Human Sub” attempts to break the world record for extreme human breath-hold diving, made famous by the feature film ‘The Big Blue’. In the virtually bottomless waters of Kimbe Bay, on the island of New Britain, Papua New Guinea, he tries to reach an unbelievable depth of 180 metres, without the assistance of any breathing equipment.


Anonymous said...

Andy, isn't this something. I saw this program, and read the article about this guy a few weeks back in one of the sunday paper magazines.

What is it about these people?

There's something mystical about it.. it's like a personal odyssey, or journey, of discovery..

I'm totally intrigued by these free divers. What do they experience down there? What world do they find?

Isn't it out there on the edge.

What was that movie that captured this.. Big Blue, Deep Blue, or something?

Cheers mate, I gotta say, I'm impressed by this guy and I'm bloody worried he's here for a good time, not a long time.. but I hope not, of course. I hope he uses his new technique successfully, breaks the record, and can talk about it and let us all know what the beejeezus he discovered by it all.

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