Monday, June 14, 2004

Bush on the Couch

Washington Professor of psychiatry Dr. Justin Frank has written a soon to be published book titled Bush on the Couch:Inside the Mind of the President
In this publicity blurb for the book from HarperCollins its claimed that Frank explores:

  • Bush's false sense of omnipotence, instilled within him during childhood and emboldened by his deep investment in fundamentalist religion

  • The president's history of untreated alcohol abuse, and the questions it raises about denial, impairment, and the enabling streak in our culture

  • The growing anecdotal evidence that Bush may suffer from dyslexia, ADHD, and other thought disorders

  • His comfort living outside the law, defying international law in his presidency as boldly as he once defied DUI statutes and military reporting requirements

  • His love-hate relationship with his father, and how it triggered a complex and dangerous mix of feelings including yearning, rivalry, anger, and sadism

  • Bush's rigid and simplistic thought patterns, paranoia, and megalomania -- and how they have driven him to invent adversaries so that he can destroy them

  • Dr Frank who sounds a bit to Freudian for my tastes could be on to a financial winner here. I can see it now Blair on the Couch:Inside the Mind of the Prime Minister
    via Juan Cole

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