Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Hot Adelaide Nights & Carpet Seaweeds

Had one of our first hot days this summer, and I haven't acclimatised yet. Fortunately a cool change is coming tonight. Found this strange little archive of machine translated text when I googled term Hot Adelaide:

When me this thought came, I was even before the carpet seaweeds, which zierte at that time each backyard and thus also our meadow, because she had the function of a backyard, in which one beat out evenly also the carpets of the dwelling. Laying out commodity was likewise not yet invented. Some parents used the Teppichklopfer also for the corporal punishment of their children. That was very painful, but I knew only from an argument with my older brother, with which we had mutually struck ourselves with the Klopfer.

Baghdad Burning
Have been reading the Blog Baghdad Burning by a young woman from Iraq. Posts that are informative about the occupation of Iraq and political situation are mixed with accounts of everyday family life.

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